Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Blackout blinds - are they worth the money

At this time of year blinds companies begin to be inundated with enquires about Blackout blinds. Because of the light nights both infants and people who work unsociable shift patterns struggle to sleep whilst daylight stretches into the night. 

I thought I'd share with you a few misconceptions about blackout blinds to give you more of an insight when considering them for your home.
A traditional choice amongst homeowners is to buy vertical blackout blinds. Whilst aesthetically pleasing a vertical blind by it's very nature is unable to provide true 100% blackout. Because each slat or louvre has a bottom weight which is up to 1/8th inch think this enables a slither of light to penetrate between each slat. In addition there has to be a clearance gap around the blind to enable it to operate freely. You can purchase blackout vertical blinds or even replace your existing blind slats with replacement blackout vertical blind slats  but bear in mind that it is the fabric that is blackout and not the blind for the reasons detailed above.

For a true blackout blind consider a cassette type roller blind. This is a roller blind normally enclosed in a header cassette and that normally has guide channels on either side providing 100% blackout. These blinds are ideal for domestic applications and also for use in commercial premises such as photographic dark rooms. 

Just bear in mind when purchasing blackout blinds that although vertical blinds will eliminate a huge amount of light, only a cassette type roller will provide a true blackout. 

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