Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Blinds for bay windows

1 in 3 of the properies that we visit have a bay window. The Warrington area and certain suburbs of Manchester seem in particular to have a great number of property that were built with a bay or bow window. Measuring and fitting vertical blinds into a bay window isn't as difficult as it may seem.

For clarification a bay is typically 3 or less sections and can be either a square 90 degree bay or a splay 135 degree bay.  A bow window is typically more than 3 sections of equal size. 

A bay window is simple to install blinds onto. A blind is made for each section with an individual control. Deductions are made by the fitter when measuring to ensure that each blind fits and operates correctly. Most types of blinds, vertical, roller, venetian etc can be fitted to this type of window although vertical blinds are usually better as they provide better coverage when in the closed position. To see a how to measure a bay window for vertical blinds click here. We've made videos to make the whole process clear and simple.

A bow window is a bit more of a challenge. Typically the best type of blind to install here is a vertical blind with a curved headrail. This can be operated with one control but the rail system need to be professionally measured and installed.  The cost is usually comparable to the cost of fitting 3 individual blinds to a bay. The result is very impressive and an ideal solution to a challenging problem. 

If you live in Merseyside, Cheshire or Greater Manchester then we can provide a measuring and fitting service. If you live outside this area then you can buy curved vertical blind headrails from our online blind shop