Monday, 10 October 2011

Replacement vertical blind slats can bring your old blinds to life

replacement vertical blind slats
The thing with vertical blinds is that although the headrail system will last virtually forever after a few years the blind slats begin to look shabby! Some blind slats are washable see our article on how to clean vertical blind slats some aren't however and even if they are, after a couple of washes even washable blind slats can look a bit worse for wear. Thankfully you can easily buy replacement vertical blind slats or blind louvres that are made to the same sizes as your old ones and simply hang on your existing blind head rail. Most vertical blind systems are universal and so it doesn't matter if it was your local blinds company or a national company such as Hilarys Blinds who supplied your vertical blinds, chances are replacement vertical blind slats would fit. If in doubt call the supplier of your replacement vertical blind slats and ask the question

Buying blind slats only is a cheaper option than new blinds and the end result will be just as impressive. your old blinds will look like new again

A point to consider when buying new vertical blind slats is to remember that slats are available in two widths. 5 inch (127mm) blind slats and 3.5 inch (89mm) blind slats. It's important to order the same width slats as you currently have as 5" slats wont fit on a rail designed for 3.5" slats and vice versa. To find out which slats you have simply measure the width of one slat.

Measuring your existing slats is easy, Click here for our guide on how to measure vertical blind slats

Choosing new vertical blind slats opens up a whole new level of choice. You can find a wide array of colours and fabrics available. You will find that the choice of 5" vertical blind slats is smaller than 3.5" vertical blind slats as the most popular width is 3.5" these days. Why not go for something a little fashionable, click here for ideas on vertical blind colours

Click here to buy 3.5 inch vertical blind slats from just 95p each
Click here to buy 5 inch vertical blind slats from just £1.20 each