Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Cheapest Venetian Blinds in the UK - EXPOSED

Venetian blinds from just £2.99 - What does that tell you? Look at the picture, it tells it's own story. Plastic venetian blinds are not structural. Unlike PVC windows or roof line products that have varying wall thicknesses of between 4mm and 25mm cheap plastic venetian blinds have a wall thickness thinner than you'll find on a yoghurt carton. In fact, they are made from recycled plastic that perhaps includes yoghurt cartons. At best they will fade in the sunlight, they may even warp slightly. At worst they will simply give up and melt like the ones shown in the photo.

The old saying "penny wise, pound foolish" certainly applies when speaking of the cheapest venetian blinds in the UK. If you are looking for cheap venetian blinds that are actually fit for the purpose then you really need to be buying aluminium venetian blinds. Not only will they not discolour from exposure to the sun they will not melt either thereby saving you from looking slightly foolish and also maintaining your privacy! You can buy aluminium venetian blinds here (for not much more than plastic ones!).