Monday, 26 March 2012

Vertical Blinds for the Bedroom

When choosing bedroom blinds you'll need to consider the following:

  • Are the occupants adult or children
  • Does the occupants sleep patterns mean that you require blackout fabric?

Vertical Blinds for Childrens Bedrooms

bedroom blinds
It's often tempting to go for a blind that is age related, Maybe a pink vertical blind or blue vertical blind depending on if it's a girls room or a boys room. Very often however we overlook the function of the blind.  If you are looking for a vertical blind for the nursery or the bedroom of a young child then it's often wise to consider a blackout fabric. Even better to consider a blackout fabric that can be easily cleaned! A perfect vertical blind for a childs bedroom  is a pvc blackout blind. Not only will this filter out most of the light which in the summer months you'll be thankful for at bedtime but also its a vinyl fabric and so can be wiped clean.  You may want to make sure that you also fit a child safe blind device. These are available for just a couple of pounds. 

Vertical Blinds for Bedrooms

For most bedrooms the choice becomes wider, more emphasis can be placed on appearance rather than function although blackout vertical blinds in bedrooms of those who work shifts are usually a good idea. You may want to pick some colour out in your bedroom decor and buy a coloured vertical blind that compliments or contrasts. Always bear in mind however that a coloured vertical blind may look odd from outside if the rest of the blinds in the house are neutral! 

A second option that you may want to consider if you already have vertical blinds is to replace the vertical blind slats. This often works out much cheaper than replacing the full blind. 

Vertical blind slats are available from around 95p each and come in a variety of colours and patterns, you can even buy blackout vertical blind slats and if you have the older 5" blinds you can also buy 5" blackout blind slats

With some vibrant colours about, new vertical blinds or replacement blind slats can make an incredible difference to a bedroom, combine with some new bedding, maybe a throw, a bedroom carpet or even just a rug and in no time you've created a whole new look for your bedroom.