Thursday, 12 April 2012

Blinds for Patio Doors

blinds for patio doors
Patio doors and French doors lend themselves to different types of blinds but they also prevent a few problems.

Lets have a look at the options available when choosing blinds for patio doors and french doors and the points you should consider before ordering.

Roller Blinds for Patio Doors and French Doors

Roller blinds can be fitted to french doors but not to sliding patio doors as they would prevent the doors from sliding. If your french doors open outwards then you need to consider that your roller blinds may collect a lot of dirt and even get wet sometimes. Roller blinds would be fitted directly onto the door leaf itself. If your french doors are upvc then although it is ok to fit blinds to upvc you need to consider that if one day you decide on a different type of blind then you would be left with screw holes in your doors. 

Perfect fit blinds for Patio and French doors

Perfect fit blinds are sometimes called no holes blinds. The each have their own separate aluminium subframe that fits over the pane of glass using special brackets that simply slide under the gaskets. Again, these blinds would be suitable for French Doors but not for patio doors as they would prevent the door from sliding. Perfect fit blinds would still share the same problem as roller blinds on an outward opening french door but on an inward opening french door they would be ideal. Be aware however, Perfect fit blinds are very expensive and we would recommend that because of the exact measurements needed that you get a reputable blind company to measure and install them. They aren't a job that you can do yourself. 

Vertical blinds for Patio Doors and French Doors

Vertical blinds lend themselves well to both patio and french doors. In fact, they are the only sensible option for sliding patio doors as you can specify when ordering made to measure vertical blinds both the control side (left or right) and the draw. So if your sliding door is on the right you would order your vertical blinds to draw to the left therefore allowing unimpeded access through the opening door. 

Vertical blinds also work well with French doors for the same reason. The brackets would screw into the head of the frame and you can specify extension brackets to ensure that the blinds don't foul the door handles.

Best Blinds for Patio Doors

So in summary, unless you have a large budget, the best blinds for patio doors are vertical blinds. Click the link to see a full range of made to measure vertical blinds for patio doors.