Friday, 16 November 2012

Vertical Blinds Out Of Alignment

Are your vertical blinds out of line? Do you have one blind slat or vane that is not lining up with the others when you close the blinds? It's a very simple fix to realign them.

Out of line vertical blinds

Simply get hold of the control chain that controls the tilt function of your vertical blind and pull it gently but firmly to close the blinds. Once the blinds are closed continue to pull the chain and you will hear a series of clicks, keep pulling slow but firm on the control chain until the clicking noise stops. 

Once you have done this, pull the chain in the opposite direction so that the blind slats tilt the other way, again keep pulling until the blind is closed and the clicks stop. Your vertical blind should now be realigned. See the video below for an example

How to repair out of line vertical blinds