Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Vertical Blinds - Repair or Replace?

Vertical blinds can often need repairing, sometimes the mechanism in the headrail may fail or sometimes the fabric starts to look a little worn.

Should you repair or replace your vertical blinds? Let's take a look at your options for repairing or replacing.

Repairing Vertical Blinds

Depending on your reasons for the repair then this may be a very inexpensive exercise. Often vertical blinds can get misaligned, if that's the case then you may not even need to buy any parts. See this video below to see how easy you can realign vertical blinds.

If the above video didn't solve your problem then the good news is that most of the parts on a vertical blind are easily replaced. 

If the blinds have stopped tilting or you can no longer draw them then chances are, you'll need a new vertical blind headrail

You may need new stabilising chain that connects to the weights at the bottom of the blinds, this is available literally for pennies! See the full range of vertical blind spares in our shop

Even if your blinds are functioning perfectly then your fabric may be looking a little tired. Some fabrics are washable but most can just be sponged lightly. If they are beyond repair however then you may want to consider replacement blind slats. Available in both 3.5 inch (89mm) and 5 inch (127mm) widths, blind slats come in a wide range of colours and can be made to measure so replacing them is as simple as taking your old slats down and hanging the new ones. Blind slats vary in price from 50p each to around £2 each depending on the fabric chosen. 

Made To Measure Vertical Blinds

You may have made the decision that it's best to replace the whole lot and buy new vertical blinds. Maybe your old blinds are just past their best and even new slats would leave you with an old looking rail and discoloured controls. 

The good news is that vertical blinds are available for considerably little cost. You can buy made to measure blinds from as little as £12.00 and if you need more than one blind then there are some fantastic vertical blind offers in our shop

Hopefully this has given you an insight into what options are available to you when replacing your blinds.