Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Vertical Blinds - A Buyers Guide

vertical blinds
So you've decided to buy vertical blinds but you simply don't know where to start? We've put together a simple vertical blind buyers guide to answer any questions that you may have.

What Are Ready Made Vertical Blinds?

Ready made vertical blinds are blinds that are available in set sizes. Argos blinds are ready made, the way to buy ready made blinds is to measure your window and then buy the next size up. Ready made blinds are traditionally cheaper than made to measure blinds although the difference in price these days is minimal and often if you shop around you can find made to measure blinds for less than ready made. 

The down side to ready made blinds of course is that you have to cut them to size. This means taking a saw to the headrail which is usually made from aluminium. In addition it means cutting and adjusting each blind slat by hand. On a small window this isn't too bad but on a wider window you should really set aside a full day. 

What Are Made To Measure Vertical Blinds?

Made to measure vertical blinds are as the title suggests, blinds that are made to your measurements. It is simply a matter of measuring your recess size and then the blind manufacturer will make the necessary adjustments and deliver your blinds ready to hang. This is a much easier way to buy blinds especially if you are buying more than one vertical blind. 

Made to measure vertical blinds are usually made from better components than ready made blinds. Very often you have a wider range of fabrics to choose from and once the blind is installed it will look a lot better than a cut down blind. 

Which Vertical Blind Control System Is Best?

child safe vertical blinds
There are two main control systems for vertical blinds. The first and cheapest system can normally be found on ready made blinds. It consists of a plastic rod sometimes called a wand, that simply attaches to the truck at the top of the last blind slat. to tilt the blinds you simply twist the rod, to draw the blinds you literally pull the blinds across using the rod. This system is cheap and cheerful, it doesn't really allow for a split opening option (when your blinds draw equally from the centre like curtains) as you'd have two rods on display in the centre of your window. 

The one single redeeming feature of the wand control system is that due to their being no cords or chains they are considered to be child safe. That said, traditional cord and chain controls can be fitted with child safe devices too. 

The more traditional method of vertical blind control is the cord and chain, the chain controls the tilt of the blind and the cord controls the draw. As already mentioned, this configuration allows a split opening option if required. 

What Should I Look For When Buying Vertical Blinds?

Choosing vertical blinds will always be a personal choice, if however you want some pointers then here goes.

Choose made to measure, this will save you so much time, we're talking a lot of time and also a great deal of frustration. Simply check this guide on measuring vertical blinds and then order them made to measure. Cord and chain controls make for a much more professional and usable blind. If child safety is your concern then specify a child safe option

Ensure that your vertical blind supplier sews each hem on the slats, some companies glue or bond the hems but this can result in the hem coming apart in the heat of the sun or if the blind is installed above a radiator. 

If you're buying blinds for more than one window then you may find that you can qualify for a vertical blind offer

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