Sunday, 4 March 2012

Vertical Blind Slats- Buying Guide

More often than not you'll want to eventually decorate your room, change your flooring or carpet and perhaps think about buying new window blinds.

If you have vertical blinds however there is a much cheaper alternative to changing the whole blind. Chances are, the vertical blind still operates perfectly well and it is just the blind slats that look a little worse for wear. You can buy vertical blind slats to replace your old ones at a fraction of the price of a new blind. This gives you the opportunity to change your blind as you change the colour scheme of your room without it breaking the bank.
Vertical blind slats (often called blind louvres or blind vanes) can be found on the internet for as little as 95p each (sometimes even cheaper if you're prepared to have a coloured end of line fabric).

There are a few things to consider before ordering your replacement blind slats.

Do you have 3.5" or 5" wide blind slats?
Measure the width of one of your existing blind slats. It will either be 5 inches wide (127mm) or 3.5 inches wide (89mm). You can't put 3.5 inch slats onto a rail designed for 5 inch and vice versa. 5" blind slats aren't as popular these days so expect to find a smaller choice on offer. 3.5" blind slats offer a much wider choice of fabrics.

Do you need new weights and chain?
Not all blind slat shops include the weights and chains and will charge you extra for these. It's worth checking on the website of the company that you choose for your replacement blind slats if they are included in the price or not. It's always worth changing your bottom weights and chains as not only do they discolour with time but some bottom weights are different sizes and trying to fit your old weights into your new blind slats may prove tricky.

Will new blind slats fit my old track or rail?
Luckily most blind slats use the same type of hanger system. For more information you may want to read this blind buying FAQ

Measuring for your new vertical blind slats
This part is really simple. Take down one of your existing blind slats and lay it flat. Now measure from the top of the fabric to the bottom. There is no need to allow for hems etc. Simply measure the fabric from top to bottom.
Vertical blind slats -buying guide

Choosing a Fabric for Replacement Vertical Blind Slats

You may already have a colour in mind. Popular colours are always white or cream as they are neutral and will go with any colour scheme. If you're feeling a little more adventurous then see the article on this years interior design colours for blinds.

Replacement blind slats are available at different prices and for different purposes, You may want a washable blind slat fabric or blackout vertical blind slats for the bedroom or nursery. For a touch of luxury why not consider suede blind slats?

You are much better to buy made to measure blind slats instead of the slat packs sold by such shops as Argos etc. Buying made to measure costs about the same and is so much easier than having to cut each slat down. Simply unpack and hang them onto your head rail.

Bear in mind when buying vertical blind slats that the colour you see on screen may be different to the actual colour of the fabric. This is due to the limitations of computer screens. Most blind companies will be happy to provide you with free samples if you are trying to match a colour.

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