Monday, 31 March 2014

Pay Weekly Blinds

Pay Weekly Blinds
Looking for pay weekly blinds? You might want to think again and here's why.

It's really tempting when balancing a budget to look at offers that supply blinds on pay monthly or pay weekly terms. It's especially tempting when the offer that you've seen states "interest free credit" or 0% interest! 

Are Pay Weekly Blinds Good Value?

In short no, and this is why. Pay weekly blinds, carpets, laminate flooring and other home improvements that you see offered on an interest free basis are generally offered by companies that set up as brokers. This is how it works. 

The broker approaches a company that sells and fits blinds. It works out a deal, for arguments sake lets say the deal is 3 vertical blinds fitted for £95. The broker then does a deal with an independent money lending organisation, usually one that has door collectors. These door collectors have to be paid and the lending company expect a decent return on their money. So, for arguments sake, lets say that the lender wants £200 Pound back for every £100 that they lend out, this is so that they can pay their door collectors, make a profit and also factor in an allowance for bad debtors. 

Naturally the broker want's to earn money from the deal too. He will generally employ canvass teams who will walk the streets knocking on doors. Chances are, in addition to selling blinds on a pay weekly basis, he will also be offering other similar deals such as pay weekly laminate flooring or carpets, Pay weekly burglar alarms etc. Usually things that aren't as portable as a TV or games console.

The broker will be paying the canvasser to produce leads. In addition he will likely be paying a commission to a salesperson who will sign the deal up. So lets look at the math. 

Cost of blinds fitted             £95.00

Canvassers' Commission     £25.00

Salesmans' Commission      £80.00

Brokers Fee (profit)             £200.00

Total Cost of Blinds            £400.00

Interest to Loan Company  £400.00

Total repayable                   £800.00

With some creative accounting in terms of invoicing taking place between broker and the finance company, this can be made to look like an interest free loan. 

Are You Still Looking For Pay Weekly Blinds?

You can see with the example above that pay weekly blinds aren't good value. The blind company who would fit your blinds will be charging just £95, with the rest of the money going in fees, commissions and interest. The facility of paying weekly or monthly exists and it is legal but it doesn't offer good value. You end up paying 8 times more than you would if you saved for a few weeks and then bought direct. 

You could save even more money if you could fit them yourself, Take a look at these vertical blind offers from Just Blinds who are offering 3 vertical blinds for just £72. The equivalent of just a few repayments if you were to choose the pay monthly or weekly option. 

Hopefully this has given you a reason to avoid pay weekly blind offers and opened your eyes to the good value deals that are out there if you save for a few weeks and pay upfront instead. 

Saturday, 18 May 2013

Bathroom Blinds

best blinds for bathroom
Choosing new bathroom blinds presents quite a challenge to the homeowner, with such a wide range of blinds on offer how do you choose the ideal blind for a bathroom?

Waterproof Blinds

Depending on the location of the window to be dressed you may not need a truly waterproof fabric. If the blind is very close to the shower then it may run the risk of getting wet. In this case it may be worth choosing a pvc fabric. This is waterproof and wont be damaged if it gets wet. 

In all other cases the worst a blind will have to put up with is condensation. As long as the bathroom is well ventilated by either an open window or an extraction fan then most fabrics would be fine in this environment. Try and avoid a fabric with a flock such as faux suede material as this would hold moisture for longer that could possibly encourage mould growth over time. 

Privacy Blinds

If the location of your bathroom demands privacy then you may want to consider a privacy blind. Typically a blackout fabric or even a venetian blind will offer a window covering that will offer the most privacy even when the bathroom light is on in the evening. The PVC blind that we mentioned as being waterproof is also blackout so this would serve both functions. 

Type Of Blinds

What type of blind that you choose is down to personal choice, roller blinds and vertical blinds are available in all the fabrics that we've mentioned, both are ideal as bathroom blinds, in a dark bathroom then a roller blind will allow more light in during the day whereas vertical blinds will offer better light control on larger windows or windows that have the sun during the day. 

Venetian blinds can look great in the bathroom, It may be advisable to avoid real wood venetians but aluminium or wood effect venetian blinds are ideal. 

Pleated or Roman blinds, aren't really ideal in the bathroom as they would be affected by moisture. 

Vertical, roller and venetian blinds then seem to be the best choice for a bathroom, all are available in a wide range of colours and shades that will blend or harmonise with your colour scheme. Click here to see a range of affordable blinds ideal for bathrooms.

Tuesday, 9 April 2013

How To Fit Vertical Blinds

Learning how to fit vertical blinds isn't as difficult as you may think. If you have bought made to measure vertical blinds then you'll see watching the video below that you can fit a blind in just a few minutes.

Things you will need:

  • Tape measure or ruler 
  • Pencil
  • Drill
  • Screwdriver
  • Plugs and Screws
  • Scissors
First of all you need to mark where your brackets will go. If you have a small headrail like the one in the video then you should position them around 5 or 6 inches in from the end. On wide vertical blinds you will have received more brackets. Simply space them out equally along the width of the blind. If you have ordered face fix brackets which would be needed for fitting blinds to a conservatory or for places without a window recess such as in a dormer then you can now simply screw these to either the head of the window frame or to the wall itself. In the video however we show top fix brackets that are the most common method of fitting and would have come with you blind as standard. 

Face Fix or Top Fix Vertical Blinds

As the video shows, you will need to measure 3 1/4 inches from the face of the window frame (around 85mm) drill a hole and use a plug. Normally screws and plugs aren't supplied as there are several different types of material that may be at the head of your frame. The most common will be plaster however if you have a steel lintel then you'd need to use a different type of screw and no plug. Your local DIY store would be able to advise. 

Once the brackets are in place the headrail simply clicks into place. Be sure to offer the front of the rail into the bracket first. Please watch the video below for more details and to see how easy it is to fit vertical blinds. 

Click here to order vertical blinds like the ones in the video. 

Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Vertical Blinds - A Buyers Guide

vertical blinds
So you've decided to buy vertical blinds but you simply don't know where to start? We've put together a simple vertical blind buyers guide to answer any questions that you may have.

What Are Ready Made Vertical Blinds?

Ready made vertical blinds are blinds that are available in set sizes. Argos blinds are ready made, the way to buy ready made blinds is to measure your window and then buy the next size up. Ready made blinds are traditionally cheaper than made to measure blinds although the difference in price these days is minimal and often if you shop around you can find made to measure blinds for less than ready made. 

The down side to ready made blinds of course is that you have to cut them to size. This means taking a saw to the headrail which is usually made from aluminium. In addition it means cutting and adjusting each blind slat by hand. On a small window this isn't too bad but on a wider window you should really set aside a full day. 

What Are Made To Measure Vertical Blinds?

Made to measure vertical blinds are as the title suggests, blinds that are made to your measurements. It is simply a matter of measuring your recess size and then the blind manufacturer will make the necessary adjustments and deliver your blinds ready to hang. This is a much easier way to buy blinds especially if you are buying more than one vertical blind. 

Made to measure vertical blinds are usually made from better components than ready made blinds. Very often you have a wider range of fabrics to choose from and once the blind is installed it will look a lot better than a cut down blind. 

Which Vertical Blind Control System Is Best?

child safe vertical blinds
There are two main control systems for vertical blinds. The first and cheapest system can normally be found on ready made blinds. It consists of a plastic rod sometimes called a wand, that simply attaches to the truck at the top of the last blind slat. to tilt the blinds you simply twist the rod, to draw the blinds you literally pull the blinds across using the rod. This system is cheap and cheerful, it doesn't really allow for a split opening option (when your blinds draw equally from the centre like curtains) as you'd have two rods on display in the centre of your window. 

The one single redeeming feature of the wand control system is that due to their being no cords or chains they are considered to be child safe. That said, traditional cord and chain controls can be fitted with child safe devices too. 

The more traditional method of vertical blind control is the cord and chain, the chain controls the tilt of the blind and the cord controls the draw. As already mentioned, this configuration allows a split opening option if required. 

What Should I Look For When Buying Vertical Blinds?

Choosing vertical blinds will always be a personal choice, if however you want some pointers then here goes.

Choose made to measure, this will save you so much time, we're talking a lot of time and also a great deal of frustration. Simply check this guide on measuring vertical blinds and then order them made to measure. Cord and chain controls make for a much more professional and usable blind. If child safety is your concern then specify a child safe option

Ensure that your vertical blind supplier sews each hem on the slats, some companies glue or bond the hems but this can result in the hem coming apart in the heat of the sun or if the blind is installed above a radiator. 

If you're buying blinds for more than one window then you may find that you can qualify for a vertical blind offer

Just Blinds manufacture vertical blinds and supply direct to the public at trade prices. Click here to buy vertical blinds online

Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Vertical Blinds - Repair or Replace?

Vertical blinds can often need repairing, sometimes the mechanism in the headrail may fail or sometimes the fabric starts to look a little worn.

Should you repair or replace your vertical blinds? Let's take a look at your options for repairing or replacing.

Repairing Vertical Blinds

Depending on your reasons for the repair then this may be a very inexpensive exercise. Often vertical blinds can get misaligned, if that's the case then you may not even need to buy any parts. See this video below to see how easy you can realign vertical blinds.

a spare part for vertical blinds
If the above video didn't solve your problem then the good news is that most of the parts on a vertical blind are easily replaced. 

If the blinds have stopped tilting or you can no longer draw them then chances are, you'll need a new vertical blind headrail

You may need new stabilising chain that connects to the weights at the bottom of the blinds, this is available literally for pennies! See the full range of vertical blind spares in our shop

Even if your blinds are functioning perfectly then your fabric may be looking a little tired. Some fabrics are washable but most can just be sponged lightly. If they are beyond repair however then you may want to consider replacement blind slats. Available in both 3.5 inch (89mm) and 5 inch (127mm) widths, blind slats come in a wide range of colours and can be made to measure so replacing them is as simple as taking your old slats down and hanging the new ones. Blind slats vary in price from 50p each to around £2 each depending on the fabric chosen. 

Made To Measure Vertical Blinds

Made to measure vertical blinds
You may have made the decision that it's best to replace the whole lot and buy new vertical blinds. Maybe your old blinds are just past their best and even new slats would leave you with an old looking rail and discoloured controls. 

The good news is that vertical blinds are available for considerably little cost. You can buy made to measure blinds from as little as £12.00 and if you need more than one blind then there are some fantastic vertical blind offers in our shop

Hopefully this has given you an insight into what options are available to you when replacing your blinds.

Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Interior Design Colours Spring 2013

interior design colours 2013
It doesn't seem two minutes ago since we brought you news on 2012 colour predictions and now here we are again reporting on 2013 interior design colours. 

As you can see from the photograph originally produced by the Pantone 2013 fashion report, there are no startling newcomers this year, and if anything the colours for 2013 will be more of a pastel hue.

Lime green from last year has given way to an emerald and jade green whilst the violet that we had in Spring and Autumn of 2012 is now muted in 2013.

The pink of last season has now fell out of favour whilst the vibrant rosy red has become more of a poppy red. Yellow is still a firm favourite although with more zest than last season, Blues are again muted as is orange which last year was Tangerine Tango whilst this year we'll see a calmer and less citrus mandarin.

For relief colours expect to see linen make an appearance in 2013. Last year we didn't see a set base  colour but with linen making an appearance in 2013 as a base you can experiment with accent colours till your heart's content.

Expect to see accessories on the market shortly in the predicted colours, everything from lampshades and cushion covers to vertical blinds, replacement blind slats and rugs. Interior design often follows catwalk fashion and this can usually be seen in the colours of things like nail polish and accessories.

Friday, 16 November 2012

Vertical Blinds Out Of Alignment

Are your vertical blinds out of line? Do you have one blind slat or vane that is not lining up with the others when you close the blinds? It's a very simple fix to realign them.

Out of line vertical blinds

Simply get hold of the control chain that controls the tilt function of your vertical blind and pull it gently but firmly to close the blinds. Once the blinds are closed continue to pull the chain and you will hear a series of clicks, keep pulling slow but firm on the control chain until the clicking noise stops. 

Once you have done this, pull the chain in the opposite direction so that the blind slats tilt the other way, again keep pulling until the blind is closed and the clicks stop. Your vertical blind should now be realigned. See the video below for an example

How to repair out of line vertical blinds

Monday, 12 November 2012

Blackout Vertical Blinds

Blackout Vertical Blinds
When choosing vertical blinds it's often a good idea to consider the benefit of a blackout blind fabric. Other than the more obvious benefits that a blackout vertical blind offers such as light blocking properties which make them ideal for children's bedrooms, and for those who work shifts, Black out vertical blinds also have other uses.

Conservatories are popular in the UK however in the extremes of Summer and Winter they often suffer from either the heat and glare from the sun in Summer whilst being difficult to keep warm in the winter.

Why Blackout Vertical Blinds?

Blackout vertical blinds can help with both these problems. During the Summer months they offer more light control options than any other type of window blind. Not only can they be opened fully to give an uninterrupted view but they can also be drawn and then tilted at any angle to control the glare of the sun and to offer privacy. When fully closed they can block out the majority of the suns glare and therefore enable you to regulate the temperature of the room. This feature also makes vertical blackouts ideal office blinds.

During winter, the blackout coating acts as an insulator when the blinds are closed helping to keep the heat in and to reduce heating bills. This makes blackout vertical blinds the ideal choice not just for conservatories but for any room in the house.

Choosing Blackout Vertical Blinds

Blackout vertical blinds are available in many different colours and types of fabric ranging from PVC to plain and even patterned meaning that you can find a blackout fabric that will suit any room in the home or office.

If you already have vertical blinds then you can convert them to blackout blinds simply by changing the slats. You can order blackout vertical blinds and replacement blackout blind slats here.

So as you can see, blackout blinds aren't just for the summer months, they are useful all year round.

Thursday, 18 October 2012

Cheap Vertical Blinds

vertical blinds
Vertical Blinds were traditionally expensive when they were first introduced into the UK however over time they have become more affordable.

If you are prepared to fit your own vertical blinds then you'll save a whole lot more, What should you look for when ordering vertical blinds online?

Made to Measure or Ready Made?

This isn't a difficult question to answer, Ready made vertical blinds are made to one size and you cut them down yourself. Many people buy these blinds thinking that they are cheaper and not realising just how much work is involved in cutting them to size. Ready made blinds are available from department stores such as Argos but be prepared to spend a few hours on each blind. 

If however, you spend a little time looking you can find some high quality and yet cheap vertical blinds with all the features you'd get from a high street name such as Hilarys. Buying blinds that are made to measure takes out all the hassle of adjusting the size and simply allows you to hang your window blinds when they are delivered. 

Wand Control or Cord and Chain?

Wand controls are cheaper for the blind manufacturer to produce, Cord and chain controls are more desirable and offer more style options. For instance, you can't have a split opening with wand controls as when the blinds are drawn closed you would see two wands in the centre of the blind slats. A cord and chain system is far better in this situation.

In the past, the only benefit offered by a wand control is that they were child safe however these days most blind companies provide a simple child safe device on request for chain and cord controlled blinds. 

Choosing Vertical Blinds

Vertical blinds come in many different types of fabrics, Blackout blinds are ideal for bedrooms and nurseries whilst pvc blinds are ideal for humid environments such as bathrooms. If you need blinds for more than one window then you will find some online blind sellers offering bulk buy vertical blind deals to save you even more money. These deals are ideal if you have recently moved house or need a lot of blinds for a conservatory.

Vertical blinds come in many different colours and the fabric manufacturers are very good at introducing the latest shades to match or compliment modern paint and wallpaper and home furnishings.

Just Blinds are manufacturers of vertical blinds and offer a complete made to measure and delivery service at the lowest prices.

Measuring & Fitting Vertical Blinds

Measuring and fitting vertical blinds can sound daunting but it really isn't. As long as you follow simple instructions then you'll find the whole process simple. Even measuring a bay window or conservatory is straight forward when you know how. Take a look at this vertical blind measuring guide that includes lots of short videos and see for yourself.

So to summarise, buying cheap vertical blinds doesn't necessarily mean compromising on quality.

Friday, 31 August 2012

Interior Design Colours Autumn 2012

interior design colours autumn 2012
Now that Autumn is upon us we thought we'd put together some ideas for decorating your home with the latest colour trends. Following on from our Interior design colour report earlier this year it seems that orange and pink are still popular colours along with some more reserved hues normally associated with Autumn and Winter.

The Pantone fashion colour report gives us the ten colours that you can see in the photo that is predicted will be popular for Autumn 2012.

To get that "look" you don't have to go wild! A simple change of accessories such as a new lampshade or some coloured candles will give a great effect. If your walls are a neutral colour then try adding a feature wall in one of the seasons colours. A new lampshade or replacement vertical blind slats in a one of the colours can have a dramatic effect and can transform any room. Great for if you're on a budget.

Go on a hunt and see if you can find some great interior design accessories in these colours. Post any pictures that you find here. Happy shopping!

Saturday, 11 August 2012

Blinds for Caravans

What blinds can you fit in a caravan or mobile home?

blinds for caravans
Depending on the type of caravan that you have you are able to fit a wide range of blinds. Touring caravans tend to be more difficult as due to the shape and often the raked angle of the windows they require slimline cassette type blinds that are usually only available from the caravan manufacturer. Static  caravans and mobile homes however offer much more flexibility and can be fitted with most types of blinds.

Blinds for Static Caravans

You can fit many types of window blinds into static caravans and mobile homes. Any blind that you would fit into a home can be fitted to a caravan. 

Normally a caravan wont have a recess around the window, this isn't a problem as you can fit the blinds  using face fix brackets. 

Vertical Blinds for Caravans

Vertical blinds work great in mobile homes and static caravans especially in the lounge area as these tend to have french doors or large bay windows. There isn't a special requirement for the blinds other than you need to use face fix brackets. Choosing blackout blinds will help to control the temperature of the caravan during summer and will also provide extra privacy in the evening. 

Venetian Blinds for Caravans

Venetian blinds are ideal for the areas in the caravan where space may be at a premium such as in a bedroom or kitchen. Aluminium venetian blinds are particularly suitable for caravan bathrooms and shower rooms as they are resistant to mould. Venetian blinds can also be face fixed and are very slim so as to not take up precious space. 

Replacing your caravan blinds couldn't be easier. Follow the measuring guide for blind size (no recess) and order as normal. When fitting ensure that you use a screw no bigger than your wall thickness, check on your manufacturers website or forum.

Friday, 18 May 2012

Cheap Interior Design Ideas

Cheap interior design ideas
We've all done it, decided to decorate or do some DIY interior design but after thumbing through all the interior design magazines and looking at photos of stately homes, dockland apartments and country cottages made to look stunning with budgets that are out of out league our inspiration is crushed.

Interior design doesn't have to cost the earth, You can transform any room on a budget. Some things you can even get for free and if you're not afraid of a bit of DIY then you can always reuse some existing items from around your home. Let's take a look at some cheap interior design ideas.

Interior design is all about colours, wallpaper, paint and fabric. First of decide on a colour scheme. Even if you have just one colour in mind then there are some great free tools available online for you to use.

Try this for example, a great piece of free interior design software from Dulux, It allows you to upload a photograph of your room and then try all different types of paint and colour schemes so you can see how it looks. If you need some inspiration first then try this colour scheme generator it's absolutely free and will let you experiment with colours that compliment each other.

Once you've decided on a colour scheme you can start to do your makeover on a budget. Below are some money saving ideas for interior design and decorating on a budget

Sample Paint Pots
These are free from DIY shops and although you won't be able to decorate a full room with them you will be able to paint picture frames, wooden door knobs, bathroom accessories, and so on. You could also use them as a tint by mixing a test pot colour with a full tin of cheap white or magnolia and creating your own pastel shades.  With a little imagination you can make your own stencil and use the sample pots to stencil you own border around windows and doors or make fun stencils for the kids rooms.

cheap interior design ideas
Courtesy of
Sample Wallpaper
You can pick up some samples of wallpaper and use them to dramatic effect. Some wallpaper is very expensive and so by using free samples only you can have the luxury feel for zero cost! Use them to create a patchwork panel on a relief wall or cut them into squares and frame them using cheap architrave or picture framing.

The effects can be quite stunning really and with a little imagination and time you can create an interior design look that is unique.

The photo shows a sample of patchwork wallpaper samples.

Flooring can be quite expensive. If you have floorboards beneath your carpets then why not consider hiring a floor sander for the weekend and then painting or staining the floorboards? This can have a dramatic effect on any room.

If you don't feel that adventurous then consider a cheap rug instead and match the colour (or co-ordinate the colour) to the design that you've chosen.

interior design on a budget
Shelves can be painted either the same colour as the wall to hide them or a contrasting colour to show them off. Change the knobs or handles on your old cupboards or wardrobes, You'd be surprised just how much difference this makes!

Brighten up an old sofa with a throw or some brightly coloured scatter cushions. You can even buy some fabric and make your own scatter cushion covers, if your budget it really tight then recycle some old coats, dishcloths, bedding etc and make cushion covers from these!

If you're feeling adventurous again then why not make your own curtains? If you hunt around you can buy fabric from as little as 99p so you can make matching curtains, cushions, throws and even your own wall art!

If you already have vertical blinds then why not change just the blind slats? You can buy vertical blind slats from as little as 50p each. They are available in many different colours and you're sure to find some to match your new colour scheme. Click here to see the range of vertical blind slats on offer

really cheap decoration ideas
This is the real fun bit! Get out to the car boot sales, trawl ebay, go into your parents attic, I guarantee you'll find something quirky! A metal bucket that you can fill with logs, an old bowl that you can paint and fill with dried pinecones from the local park. Your imagination is your only limit here.

The good thing is, the cost of the interior design ideas above are so low that you can afford to change your rooms decor often. I'll also wager that you'll have far more fun being creative on a budget than if you were to go to your city centre and spend a fortune.

Have Fun!