Friday, 18 May 2018

Cheap Interior Design Ideas

Cheap interior design ideas
We've all done it, decided to decorate or do some DIY interior design but after thumbing through all the interior design magazines and looking at photos of stately homes, dockland apartments and country cottages made to look stunning with budgets that are out of out league our inspiration is crushed.

Interior design doesn't have to cost the earth, You can transform any room on a budget. Some things you can even get for free and if you're not afraid of a bit of DIY then you can always reuse some existing items from around your home. Let's take a look at some cheap interior design ideas.

Interior design is all about colours, wallpaper, paint and fabric. First of decide on a colour scheme. Even if you have just one colour in mind then there are some great free tools available online for you to use.

If you need some inspiration first then try this colour scheme generator it's absolutely free and will let you experiment with colours that compliment each other.

Once you've decided on a colour scheme you can start to do your makeover on a budget. Below are some money saving ideas for interior design and decorating on a budget

Sample Paint Pots
These are free from DIY shops and although you won't be able to decorate a full room with them you will be able to paint picture frames, wooden door knobs, bathroom accessories, and so on. You could also use them as a tint by mixing a test pot colour with a full tin of cheap white or magnolia and creating your own pastel shades.  With a little imagination you can make your own stencil and use the sample pots to stencil you own border around windows and doors or make fun stencils for the kids rooms.

cheap interior design ideas
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Sample Wallpaper
You can pick up some samples of wallpaper and use them to dramatic effect. Some wallpaper is very expensive and so by using free samples only you can have the luxury feel for zero cost! Use them to create a patchwork panel on a relief wall or cut them into squares and frame them using cheap architrave or picture framing.

The effects can be quite stunning really and with a little imagination and time you can create an interior design look that is unique.

The photo shows a sample of patchwork wallpaper samples.

Flooring can be quite expensive. If you have floorboards beneath your carpets then why not consider hiring a floor sander for the weekend and then painting or staining the floorboards? This can have a dramatic effect on any room.

If you don't feel that adventurous then consider a cheap rug instead and match the colour (or co-ordinate the colour) to the design that you've chosen.

interior design on a budget
Shelves can be painted either the same colour as the wall to hide them or a contrasting colour to show them off. Change the knobs or handles on your old cupboards or wardrobes, You'd be surprised just how much difference this makes!

Brighten up an old sofa with a throw or some brightly coloured scatter cushions. You can even buy some fabric and make your own scatter cushion covers, if your budget it really tight then recycle some old coats, dishcloths, bedding etc and make cushion covers from these!

If you're feeling adventurous again then why not make your own curtains? If you hunt around you can buy fabric from as little as 99p so you can make matching curtains, cushions, throws and even your own wall art!

If you already have vertical blinds then why not change just the blind slats? You can buy vertical blind slats from as little as 50p each. They are available in many different colours and you're sure to find some to match your new colour scheme. Click here to see the range of vertical blind slats on offer

really cheap decoration ideas
This is the real fun bit! Get out to the car boot sales, trawl ebay, go into your parents attic, I guarantee you'll find something quirky! A metal bucket that you can fill with logs, an old bowl that you can paint and fill with dried pinecones from the local park. Your imagination is your only limit here.

The good thing is, the cost of the interior design ideas above are so low that you can afford to change your rooms decor often. I'll also wager that you'll have far more fun being creative on a budget than if you were to go to your city centre and spend a fortune.

Have Fun!