Thursday, 18 October 2012

Cheap Vertical Blinds

vertical blinds
Vertical Blinds were traditionally expensive when they were first introduced into the UK however over time they have become more affordable.

If you are prepared to fit your own vertical blinds then you'll save a whole lot more, What should you look for when ordering vertical blinds online?

Made to Measure or Ready Made?

This isn't a difficult question to answer, Ready made vertical blinds are made to one size and you cut them down yourself. Many people buy these blinds thinking that they are cheaper and not realising just how much work is involved in cutting them to size. Ready made blinds are available from department stores such as Argos but be prepared to spend a few hours on each blind. 

If however, you spend a little time looking you can find some high quality and yet cheap vertical blinds with all the features you'd get from a high street name such as Hilarys. Buying blinds that are made to measure takes out all the hassle of adjusting the size and simply allows you to hang your window blinds when they are delivered. 

Wand Control or Cord and Chain?

Wand controls were always the lesser option as cord and chain controls are more desirable and offer more style options. For instance, you can't have a split opening with wand controls as when the blinds are drawn closed you would see two wands in the centre of the blind slats. A cord and chain system is far better in this situation.

In the past, the only benefit offered by a wand control is that they were child safe however these days most blind companies provide a simple child safe device on request for chain and cord controlled blinds. As wand controls are now back in vogue because of child safety concerns, the systems used are far superior to the wand systems of old. 

Choosing Vertical Blinds

Vertical blinds come in many different types of fabrics, Blackout blinds are ideal for bedrooms and nurseries whilst pvc blinds are ideal for humid environments such as bathrooms. If you need blinds for more than one window then you will find some online blind sellers offering bulk buy vertical blind deals to save you even more money. These deals are ideal if you have recently moved house or need a lot of blinds for a conservatory.

Vertical blinds come in many different colours and the fabric manufacturers are very good at introducing the latest shades to match or compliment modern paint and wallpaper and home furnishings.

Just Blinds are manufacturers of vertical blinds and offer a complete made to measure and delivery service at the lowest prices.

Measuring & Fitting Vertical Blinds

Measuring and fitting vertical blinds can sound daunting but it really isn't. As long as you follow simple instructions then you'll find the whole process simple. Even measuring a bay window or conservatory is straight forward when you know how. Take a look at this vertical blind measuring guide that includes lots of short videos and see for yourself.

So to summarise, buying cheap vertical blinds doesn't necessarily mean compromising on quality.