Friday, 16 November 2012

Vertical Blinds Out Of Alignment

Are your vertical blinds out of line? Do you have one blind slat or vane that is not lining up with the others when you close the blinds? It's a very simple fix to realign them.

Out of line vertical blinds

Simply get hold of the control chain that controls the tilt function of your vertical blind and pull it gently but firmly to close the blinds. Once the blinds are closed continue to pull the chain and you will hear a series of clicks, keep pulling slow but firm on the control chain until the clicking noise stops. 

Once you have done this, pull the chain in the opposite direction so that the blind slats tilt the other way, again keep pulling until the blind is closed and the clicks stop. Your vertical blind should now be realigned. See the video below for an example

How to repair out of line vertical blinds

Monday, 12 November 2012

Blackout Vertical Blinds

Blackout Vertical Blinds
When choosing vertical blinds it's often a good idea to consider the benefit of a blackout blind fabric. Other than the more obvious benefits that a blackout vertical blind offers such as light blocking properties which make them ideal for children's bedrooms, and for those who work shifts, Black out vertical blinds also have other uses.

Conservatories are popular in the UK however in the extremes of Summer and Winter they often suffer from either the heat and glare from the sun in Summer whilst being difficult to keep warm in the winter.

Why Blackout Vertical Blinds?

Blackout vertical blinds can help with both these problems. During the Summer months they offer more light control options than any other type of window blind. Not only can they be opened fully to give an uninterrupted view but they can also be drawn and then tilted at any angle to control the glare of the sun and to offer privacy. When fully closed they can block out the majority of the suns glare and therefore enable you to regulate the temperature of the room. This feature also makes vertical blackouts ideal office blinds.

During winter, the blackout coating acts as an insulator when the blinds are closed helping to keep the heat in and to reduce heating bills. This makes blackout vertical blinds the ideal choice not just for conservatories but for any room in the house.

Choosing Blackout Vertical Blinds

Blackout vertical blinds are available in many different colours and types of fabric ranging from PVC to plain and even patterned meaning that you can find a blackout fabric that will suit any room in the home or office.

If you already have vertical blinds then you can convert them to blackout blinds simply by changing the slats. You can order blackout vertical blinds and replacement blackout blind slats here.

So as you can see, blackout blinds aren't just for the summer months, they are useful all year round.