Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Interior Design Colours Spring 2013

interior design colours 2013
It doesn't seem two minutes ago since we brought you news on 2012 colour predictions and now here we are again reporting on 2013 interior design colours. 

As you can see from the photograph originally produced by the Pantone 2013 fashion report, there are no startling newcomers this year, and if anything the colours for 2013 will be more of a pastel hue.

Lime green from last year has given way to an emerald and jade green whilst the violet that we had in Spring and Autumn of 2012 is now muted in 2013.

The pink of last season has now fell out of favour whilst the vibrant rosy red has become more of a poppy red. Yellow is still a firm favourite although with more zest than last season, Blues are again muted as is orange which last year was Tangerine Tango whilst this year we'll see a calmer and less citrus mandarin.

For relief colours expect to see linen make an appearance in 2013. Last year we didn't see a set base  colour but with linen making an appearance in 2013 as a base you can experiment with accent colours till your heart's content.

Expect to see accessories on the market shortly in the predicted colours, everything from lampshades and cushion covers to vertical blinds, replacement blind slats and rugs. Interior design often follows catwalk fashion and this can usually be seen in the colours of things like nail polish and accessories.