Thursday, 23 July 2015

Green Vertical Blinds

The colour green in Chinese culture has long been associated with health, prosperity and harmony.

In other cultures the colour green has long been a symbol of fertility and during the 15th century it was the preferred colour for wedding dresses.

Green is often thought to have relaxing and calming qualities when used for room decoration. To this end, guests waiting to appear on TV will often wait in "The Green Room" to instil calm prior to making their appearance. It is also said that time passes quicker in a green room!

The colour green is easier on the eye than most other colours, it's for this reason that early computer screens used green writing.

The Colour Green Is Revered Around The World

  • In Ghardaia, houses painted in green signify that the inhabitants have made a pilgrimage to Mecca. 
  • Green is a sacred colors in Iran, where it symbolises paradise. 
  • Green represents the Ireland’s patron St. Patrick and also features on the nations flag.
  • The Japanese regard green as the color of eternal life. 
  • In Aztec culture, green was considered to be royal and was the colour of the plumes used by the Aztec chieftains.  
  • Jade represent virtue and beauty in China. 
  • The Portuguese think of green as the color of hope because of its associations with spring. 
  • In the Scottish Highlands,  green was once worn as a mark of honor.
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The Colour Green As Internal Decor

As green is the colour of nature, it represents growth, balance and harmony. It also has a strong psychological association with safety and so it promotes a safe and calming environment. 

The colour green takes up the largest percentage of the colour spectrum visible to the human eye. As it's the most dominant colour in nature it lends itself well to interior design and as it's considered to be soothing and calming it is often thought that it helps with alleviating anxiety, depression and nervous conditions. 

Combining green with blue represents new growth whilst combining greens with natural hues such as browns and beige can enhance calm. When combined with red green becomes festive.   

Adding A Touch Of Green To Your Home

Less is more when it comes to decor. Choosing green accessories or an accent wall is a great way to benefit from the calming and soothing properties that are reported to come from this colour. 

Add some green scatter cushions or lamp shades or even a green window treatment such as vertical blinds

A green rug can make a huge difference and even things like green candles can add a nice touch.

Breathe new life into your existing vertical blinds by buying replacement slats in a green colour. Check out the green replacement slats for vertical blinds below, available for just 50p each!

Peppermint green vertical blind replacement slats
Peppermint Frost Replacement slats for vertical blinds

Everglade Green Slats For Vertical Blinds

Enchanted Green replacement blind slats
Enchantment Green Vertical Blind Slats

Paisley vertical blind slats only
Paisley Green Vertical Blind Slats

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