Monday, 23 January 2012

Interior Design Colours for 2012

A few hours trawling through the countless pages on the internet regarding interior design in the UK and it becomes clear that the major authorities on the subject of colour trends all share the same view this year. 

There are a number of different colours and styles mentioned but the overriding trend seems to centre around the same theme. 

2012 interior design trends seem to favour a minimalistic approach using neutral colours but with splashes of vibrant colour the most popular of which is Tangerine Orange.  A full list of 2012 trend colours are listed below

  • Tangerine Orange
  • Lime Green
  • Sunflower Yellow
  • Navy
  • Rosy Red
  • Lilac
  • Blossom Pink
In addition to home decor a number of fashion designers are reported to have introduced Orange or Tangerine Tango and the other reported colours into their 2012 clothing ranges too so expect to see this colour scheme invade every aspect of your life this year. 

Neutral colours including pale grey, stone and cream will provide the backdrop to these bursts of colour. 

After a couple of trying years in the UK it is reported that people want to add a splash of colour and light into their surroundings. Tangerine Tango and Lime Green will certainly do that. 

How to get the look

Don't over do it, that is the key, Don't go buying carpets and a new sofa. Maybe have one relief wall and then consider subtle additions to your room, scatter cushions maybe, a rug, a vase, replacement vertical blind slats even. For very little cost you can transform your room to reflect a modern bright and clean look. If you keep the cost down then come next year you can afford to do the same again when accent colours change.